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7 Books From Entrepreneurs to Entrepreneurs That Will Inspire Your Startup Endeavor

Most entrepreneurs are in a constant search for inspiration and motivation, for advice and knowledge. Looking up to successful entrepreneurs, who have built multi-million dollar companies, comes naturally. In the end, these successful entrepreneurs have been through a lot and have a lot to say and share.

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10 Tweets That Will Motivate You to Do Anything

Running a startup isn’t a piece of cake – no wonder that most of the newly launched companies can’t make it past the first year. There are days when you feel fully in control, and there are days when you feel like you just want to walk away from all the stress. Don’t blame yourself…

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Twitter Tests 280 Character Limit and Some Reactions Are Priceless

On Tuesday, Twitter made an announcement that it is testing the expansion of character count from 140 symbols to 280. This significant change will be tested by a random group of Twitter accounts and is not available in Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

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The Greatest Business Pivots That Changed the World

Sometimes companies have two options left after their initial idea fails – to change the course of direction quickly or to admit the defeat. The history remembers only the brave entrepreneurs, who couldn’t accept failure as a final option and made the decision to take a different course of direction and to pivot.

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