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10 Apps for the Entrepreneur on the Go

Nowadays, staying connected is very important for entrepreneurs, who travel a lot in order to meet with business partners and investors, to attend different conferences or to handle production processes overseas. Running a business on the go is quite challenging.

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Uber Introduces a No-Fee Branded Credit Card

Uber announced that the company has partnered with the British bank Barclays and Visa for the launch of its branded credit card that will be available to customers from the beginning of the next month. You will be able to pay with the card not only for Uber services, but also at hotels, restaurants, monthly…

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7 Things to Know about Uber’s New CEO Dara Khosrowshahi

Following the leadership shakedown that the company experienced in the past several months and the resignation of Travis Kalanick in June, after a long search for the perfect match, Uber appointed as a CEO the well-known executive Dara Khosrowshahi.

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Uber’s First Pitch Deck: Take a Look at the 25 Slides

Uber revolutionized the taxi industry and changed tremendously the way we look at transportation. Its success has proven the impact shared economy companies have on our lives.

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Business Model Innovation during the Rise of Sharing Economy

Business model innovation is something that all successful startups are really good at. They have the advantage before global companies to be more open to embracing different business approaches. Startups have the ability to model their businesses on the go, while big companies struggle to embrace all the change that technology and innovation bring on…

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Entrepreneurial Inspiration: The Minds behind Tesla, Uber and Airbnb

Starting a business is a lonely journey that requires a lot of time, efforts and personal sacrifices. The risk of starting a company is huge, but when a powerful idea is born, acting on it seems like the only option. When the path gets rocky many entrepreneurs feel like they are so close to giving…

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