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How to Rebound After a Terrible Work Week

Having a bad day is bearable. It happens. And it is easier to rebound from it. But turning around a bad week requires much more than practicing stress-relieving techniques and taking some time off. Rebuilding your mojo after five work days of negativity, awful news, stress, and bad luck is not easy but is possible.

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3 Myths about the Future of Work Debunked

The automation anxiety that comes from the growing impact machines and AI have on the job market has become a very interesting topic of discussion. The tremendous advances in technology, robotics, and AI, increase the justified fear that many people will lose their jobs to machines.

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How to Spend the Last Minutes of Your Busy Work Day

Entrepreneurs spend long hours in the office – in most cases they are the first to arrive and the last to leave. By the end of the day, they just rush out of office, so they can grab a bite, make it in time for an evening business meeting or finally to get home and…

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Productivity Hack: How to Work Less and Get More Done

It is believed that by putting more time into something the chances to become better at it are higher. Somehow true, this statement is not always accurate. Investing time in specific activities is going to be fruitful only if it is spend effectively. The levels of productivity determine the outcomes of your efforts. In entrepreneurship,…

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