The Advantages of Hiring Well-Traveled Startup Employees


Deservedly, traveling has been considered as one of the most enriching experiences in one’s life. Through traveling people not only explore different cultures, but learn more about the world in general and themselves in particular, expand their knowledge and experience many challenges. Travelling is exciting, interesting and puts people on trial. So does entrepreneurship!

Building the best team possible is one of the most important tasks for entrepreneurs. Making the right hiring decisions at the moment can determine the future success of the company. If you wonder why you should consider hiring talented and skilled people, who have spend months or even years traveling instead of working high paying corporate jobs right after college, check out the following six advantages, which the well-traveled employees can bring to your startup.

To the well-traveled… change seems more than normal

The startup world is changing with the speed of light and for people, who are uncomfortable to work out of their comfort zones the constant change may seem unbearable. Travelers are used to change and often find it as a source of inspiration and motivation, as stimuli for their creativity.

The well-traveled… embrace uncertainty

Traveling, as entrepreneurship, is full of surprises. In the business world, one thing is for sure – there is nothing certain! The best startup employees are comfortable with uncertainty and manage to stay focused when unexpected situations occur.

The well-traveled… understand cultural differences

In the globalized world that we live in, the ability to understand different cultures is one of the greatest skills a startup employee can have. They are great conversationalists and negotiators and know how to approach a conversation with people from different background, age and culture.

The well-traveled… take important decisions faster

When you are on the road, it is important to be able to judge a situation fast and to react according to your judgment. Travelers are fast decision-makers, who rarely hesitate, which is a great skill for a startup employee.

The well-traveled… like challenges

The startup world is very challenging space. The entrepreneurs must be on top of their startup game if they want to outrun the competition, to stand out from the crowd when pitching investors and to win and keep the trust of their clients. All of this is challenging, but probably not challenging enough for the well-traveled, who is used to face many difficult situations.

The well-traveled… like to take initiative

Travelers are not only fast decision-makers, but also like to take every matter in their hands. They are great problem-solvers, act fast and rarely postpone important tasks. They can always give you a fresh perspective and a different point of view on important problem.

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