The Best Entrepreneur Behaviors to Embrace During Your Next Investor Pitch


Many entrepreneurs get nervous before they begin the first or next fundraising round. The experience of raising money is exciting, but also very stressful and challenging. The way the entrepreneurs handle the process vary from person to person – some people enjoy being challenged and operate extremely effective under pressure, while others find it difficult to concentrate well enough so they can keep their mind clear and to take well-calculated decisions, especially when the stake is too high.

To achieve the best results when you present your business to potential investors, it is important that you have a pitch that is not only giving enough information to the investors to convince them that you are able to turn their money into more money, but also to excite them with the idea that you are capable of building strong business that has the potential to grow and to bring value to the customers.

The content of the pitch matters, but so does and the way it is presented. To be sure that you will get and keep the attention of the investors during the pitch, you should have clear strategy to follow. Having the right behavior will help you turn the odds in your favor, so be sure that you embrace the right attitude.

Keep it straight to the point

The effective investor pitch is concise, well-ordered and right on point. If the entrepreneurs protract and are allowing themselves to lose focus and get easily distracted, not only they won’t be able to deliver successfully their message in the exact time frame, but also give the impression that they don’t take the fundraising process seriously enough. Don’t let the lack of concentration ruin your chances of accelerating your business and make sure that you deliver the right information in the right manner for and at the right time.

The right approach: Confidence over Cockiness

Investors look for interesting and talented entrepreneurs to work with. Your behavior and the way you present your pitch to the investors can definitely affect the outcome. The entrepreneurs must choose the right tone – it is important to be confident, but remember to keep your both feet on the ground. The line between confidence and arrogance is very thin and no investor would like to work with cocky entrepreneur, who overpromises and under delivers.

Have strong position

Investors respect entrepreneurs, who are serious about their businesses and are aware of what exactly they need to get the startup flourishing. The well-prepared entrepreneurs, who know their businesses upside down, always deliver impeccable pitches because they have all the information that an investor may need. Entrepreneurs with strong position negotiate well and work towards the best interest of their companies. Remember that the investors look for stable partners, who know what they are doing. The next time when you pitch an investor embrace flexible approach, be prepared well, have strong position, but also be ready to compromise when needed.

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