The Combination of These Five Traits Creates World-Class Leaders

The world needs more leaders, more people, who inspire, motivate and bring the best in others. The business needs people with vision and desire for growth, improvement and positive impact.

But what makes a great leader?

There are natural-born leaders and there are people, who need to go the extra mile to improve their leadership skills. Both categories, however, should educate themselves on the best practices, style, and examples, if they want to be the best leaders for their organizations.

In his TEDxGVSU Talk, Ari Zucker highlights five very important elements of leadership and how their combination creates world-class leaders. These five elements are:

  • Transparency – keeping people in the loop.
  • Accountability – understanding your own place as a leader.
  • Love – they identify with the purpose, with their team, and with other individuals.
  • Empathy – they understand how to have discussions with people about the things they care about the most.
  • Curiosity – effective leaders are always curious. They re-think the problems they face. They ask the right people the right questions.

According to Zucker, effective leaders are empathetic, curious, transparent, accountable, and have love for the things in their life. How do the leaders in your life grade according to this equation?

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