The Mental Shifts to Boost Your Entrepreneurial Self-Confidence

Successful entrepreneurs and powerful leaders stand out with self-confidence. Their great achievements are backed by their belief in their personal strengths and abilities. Self-confident entrepreneurs are focused on their goals, they are more decisive and less susceptible to fluctuations.

Self-confidence is extremely important for all of us. Self-assured individuals are more likely not only to pursue their goals and dreams but actually to achieve them. But it is hard to keep your confidence up, especially in times of distress, setbacks, or after making a huge mistake.

The good news is that self-confidence can be fostered just with slight mental shifts. Here are some changes in your habits and thinking that you can make in order to become more confident in your abilities:

Stop the negative self-talk

Our thoughts shape our reality. Our self-confidence is built from within. If you are unkind to yourself, never happy with what you’ve achieved, and constantly criticizing your own choices, you will never become the self-assured entrepreneur that you deserve to be.

Constant negative self-talk is destructive. Try to be kinder to yourself – talk to yourself like you are talking to somebody close to you (a close friend for example). You wouldn’t be that tough to other people, would you? Then why to be that negative to yourself?

Stop obsessing over the past

Self-confident entrepreneurs don’t obsess over the past. Failures or major mistakes are just a source of wisdom – they learn the lesson, forgive themselves and move on. Besides losing their self-assurance because they have failed, they feel more confident because they have learned a lesson, gained experience that will come in use in the future.

Stop accepting unconditionally the opinion of others

There are many people, who like to give their opinion even if nobody has asked them. Before you take the words of others into consideration, make sure that you’ve crafted your position on the subject. Before you listen to others, listen to yourself. Be proactive. Don’t be afraid to have a position and opinion. This will help you to become more self-confident and to rely on your own judgment.

Stop comparing yourself to others

Self-confident entrepreneurs are aware of their own strengths and weaknesses. They tend to focus on becoming better and better every single day and put their energy in their personal growth. No valuable energy is wasted to think about other people’s success and achievements. Nothing fruitful comes from comparing yourself to other people or envying them for their accomplishments.

Increase your confidence by focusing on yourself than on constantly obsessing over the thought that others are better than you.

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