The Pitcher 2018: Special Interview With Erhan Gunes From Octovan

On April 21st at ITU SDKM, The Pitcher 2018 gathered over 400 attendees who had the chance to enjoy a full day of pitching and networking. Now, in a special interview Erhan Gunes from Octovan shares his experience and what is next for their startup.

From over 900 applicants from 20 different countries, just 20 startups made it to the stage of The Pitcher 2018. Octovan was one of these startups. What was the feeling to win the special Arikovani prize?

Such supportive events like The Pitcher are very important to us. It was an important achievement for us to be able to take part in this event and to win the prize, and we are glad to have it. With these activities, we can tell more people that we are here, and we can achieve faster growth by receiving such support. Thank you to The Pitcher family!

Based on your entrepreneurial experience, what makes an outstanding startup pitch deck?

As a startup, pitching is actually the most important thing that tells us well.

I have 3 rules to make a great business pitch.

1) Tell a great story, and make an emotional connection.

Some presentations are more formal and have numbers to tell the startup. But, it’s a story, then write your story by timeline, and tell a great story to people.

2- Make your business pitch in front of real people first.

Before my real business pitch, I pitch to my family, friends, and colleagues. Because practicing is the key to a great pitch.

3- Prepare, Prepare and prepare!

I had spent a tremendous amount of time and energy preparing for my appearance in the presentation. So far I have made more than 500 presentations and learned many things from them.

What is next for your startup?

Every week, I take notes to find what I can do to take my startup to the next level and take actions and aim to reach to check them all. A Startup is a structure that has goals every week, every day, and these goals are followed. For this reason, a day means, you have new opportunities. We are as successful as we can appreciate these opportunities.


About the company: Octovan is the UBER of moving. The company brings disruptive solutions to moving area. We are making standard pricing, customer journey and services.

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