The Pitcher 2018: Top 20 Startups Announced!

The Pitcher 2018

This year more than 970 startups from 20 different countries applied for The Pitcher 2018 event. The number of great ideas, extraordinary teams and unique pitch decks, which all applicants presented, pleasantly surprised and deeply inspired us. Unfortunately, not everyone could make it to the finals.

After a long and very difficult evaluation process, we are ready and very happy to announce the top 20 startups that will take by storm The Pitcher 2018 stage on April 21st.

Meet The Pitcher 2018 TOP 20!

Istanbul, Turkey

YouTubers are more than a new generation of celebrity. They are writers, producers and distributors of content to their audience. Adverport is a digital advertising platform which gives every YouTube channel the chance to connect with potential advertisers. It is a marketplace for brands and YouTubers where both are able to collaborate and make effective advertising campaigns on YouTube.

Istanbul, Turkey

Arvia is a real-time communication platform as a service for developers that helps them easily add video chats, audio calls and instant messaging to mobile apps or websites by using Arvia’s APIs and SDKs.

Istanbul, Turkey

Since it has been founded back in 2014, KODFARKI has provided software development and consultancy services to companies from the telecom and fintech sectors. In the middle of 2017, the company has started SubscrEASY project which is a cloud-based subscription billing infrastructure.

The idea behind this project is to make billing software which is affordable and accessible to SaaS companies.

Istanbul, Turkey

Creative Cuisine Smart Delivery – Wonderbox is a business model aiming to be a new generation innovative food delivery system creating value‐added structural changes by taking the traditional off-line “choosing from multiple” experience to online with a delightful approach where users can customize their meals, creating hundreds of unique personalized combinations out of tens of daily foods produced. The project puts forward intelligently simplified user-friendly customer experience as well as process improvements in online ordering, food production, proper packaging and all delivery stages.

Istanbul, Turkey

The most significant technology today in the VR world is Location-Based VR. High-end VR experiences come with a huge price tag to home-users but now they can experience the latest VR tech by out-of-home entertainment. It is expected to replace Laser-tag, paintball, air-soft and most of arcade gaming units in entertainment facilities. HYPERCELL is developing the most relevant LBVR tech which means it is also affordable and easy to setup for clients. With a unique approach, HYPERCELL provides an all-in-one package that anyone can convert anyplace to LBVR entertainment business and start making revenue immediately.

Istanbul, Turkey

Rush App is a social media platform for gamers and e-sports enthusiasts. With a team full of young and passionate gamers, Rush aims to bring the whole gaming community together while giving the users the opportunity to build their own gaming networks.


Hearing is an individual experience. Each of us has a unique hearing “earprints”. This is why no sound system is perfect for everyone. When you listen to an unbalanced audio, you will always miss something. In some cases, you may even cause damage to your hearing.

TuneFork guides you through a simple test which characterizes your hearing, creating a personal Audio Profile. Because TuneFork’s self-test is clinically accurate, it provides the best results possible, truly the Gold Standardin Audio experience.

TuneFork uses the test results to tailor a precise audio filter for each and every user, creating the perfect match between your sound system and your hearing.

TuneFork can be integrated into any operating system and optimizes all audio content: *Phone calls *Music *Video *Voice messages *Rings & Alerts.

Tunefork’s Product has been proven by clinical tests in laboratory conditions, and it’s the most accurate self-test results in the market.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

MOLP.com is mobile & web software that tracks the activities of the employees while they are working outside the office. MOLP brings employee collected data and relevant KPI to management in real-time and with daily inflow to do right decisions based on reports.

It saves money, time and speeds up the efficiency of working processes in the company.

Saudi Arabia

NOTA NOTA is a “smart, personal perfume mixing machine” connected to a social network. Nota-Nota will offer consumers the chance to become perfume designers, creating their own unique perfumes to reflect their style. Up to now, the perfume industry has been a closed sector, dominated by big perfume corporations and perfume designers; just like Hollywood before YouTube came along. The Nota-Nota brand intends to build on the “YouTube” model to democratize the world of perfumery so that people can invent and share their fragrances and if they wish.

The Nota-Nota mixing machine accommodates 8 cartridges of distinct essences, giving the user plenty of choices when mixing a new perfume. As a ‘smart’ mixing machine, it can be controlled remotely using a mobile app, which has a dual function as a social network platform, allowing users to exchange recipes.


Vavien is an Istanbul-based IoT startup. It provides a solution for electromechanical product manufacturers, includes electronic card module, mobile application, and cloud platform, with an easy integration electromechanical product, which allows the manufacturers to make their products digital transformation.

Berlin, Germany

Tripalista is a crowdsourced web and mobile platform that helps travellers plan, book, navigate, and share trips. Tripalista integrates and connects the travellers’ favourite tools and sources into one platform, turning defragmented textual data into visual stories that can be created in minutes and browsable in seconds.

Tripalista engages users at every touch point of the trip process, from inspiration to later on sharing and reminiscing.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Micar Innovation is a small molecule pharmaceutical incubator. Their focus is creating high-value therapies with the transformative potential to address diseases and disorders with significant unmet need. The company is translating breakthrough scientific insights into novel therapies.

Istanbul, Turkey

Vivoo is a wellness assistant that provides personalized nutrition and lifestyle advice to the users based on your urine analysis.

Istanbul, Turkey

HepiPet is a platform that focuses on the health of pets by providing digital solutions for pet owners and veterinarians.

Istanbul, Turkey

Compocket produces pocket size, compact and mobile compatible electronic lab devices. Students, makers and engineers now can carry their labs in their pockets and have more practical and more efficient measurement experience.

Istanbul, Turkey

Qumpara is a receipt-based shopper reward & insights platform.  The mobile app enables FMCG brands to create promotion campaigns instantly for segmented shoppers, and provide actionable shopper insights.

Istanbul, Turkey

Sigorta.io by Ortus, provides fast, smooth, cost effective solutions for operational and communication processes where multi-touch points exist within insurance activities of various stakeholders.

Sigorta.io benefits from its flexible and modular architecture by using smart tools like chat, chat-bot, video conference, notification services and social media integrations.

Sigorta.io platform clicks into the core business processes and provides fully integrated solutions. It can either be designed as infrastructure or software as service with minimum effort, in a short period of time. The company’s motto reflects their ambition and objective; “Optimize contact, minimize costs”.

Istanbul, Turkey

Healerbit combines image processing and artificial intelligence with personalized health products. Their first product StepBit aims to revolutionize the way shoes are made by providing personalized shoe insole services to their customers using 3D technology and a special algorithm.

Istanbul, Turkey

Octovan is the UBER of moving. The company brings disruptive solutions to moving area. We are making standard pricing, customer journey and services.

Istanbul, Turkey

Sool X is cloud-based chargeback management and fraud diagnosis / prevention analytic tools designed for businesses that mainly operate in digital industry.

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