The Power of Advertising: Adding Value and Changing Perception

Entrepreneurs spend most of their time dedicated to the development of their product, building the right team and negotiation with potential investors. Rarely, they think about marketing and the need of creating advertising campaigns to spread the word about their product in the early stage of the existence of the company. Creating products that bring value is a main goal for entrepreneurs with innovative thinking. But is it possible to create more value for the customers even if you are not making any major changes to the initial product?

Intangible value creation is inherent to marketing and advertising. The decision making processes of the consumers are often shaped through successful advertising campaigns. Many products are being sold widely not because of the actual value that they bring to the customers, but as a result of changed customer perception about the worth of this specific product or service. So is it all about perception?

In his TED Talk, the British advertising executive Rory Sutherland gives the audience interesting insights on the way marketing and advertising can make a difference in every niche by simply bringing a new perspective of a product, project, problem or a whole business. In a humorous way, he presents very interesting examples about the way people of different occupations look at problems and how they solve these problems through distinct approaches. The advertising guru talks about the power of branding and marketing as a way to channel ideas and spread messages.

This talk deservedly is one of the most popular TED Talks. You are able to watch it in the video below and feel free to leave your comments on the topic in the comment section. Happy watching!

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