The Power of Authenticity in Entrepreneurship


Nowadays new products and services emerge in the marketplace with the speed of light and with the same speed eventually disappear. The competition is extremely strong and even, in times and specific niches, aggressive. Entrepreneurs, who are aiming to not only start a company, but also to stay and even dominate the marketplace, are working hard on building their strong and well-recognized brands. And providing authentic experiences is what makes some brands more popular and better recognized than others.

So here comes the important question: How to build an authentic brand? First and foremost you should really be authentic – don’t just say that you are. If you want your brand to be well-perceived by the customers, you should focus on the implementation of the following three authenticity-building ingredients.


Transparency in the marketing campaigns is well-accepted by customers. By being open and honest with them, every startup makes it easier for the clients to feel more confident in their purchasing decisions. People feel more comfortable with making informed decisions when it comes to buying a new product or a service. Transparency builds trust!


To be authentic means to be absolutely real and honest about the value you bring to the customers with your products and services. Define your business values and company mission and identify where exactly your authenticity lies in. Be honest, deliver constantly, stay true to the main values and key message that you send and your brand will be accepted by the clients as a trustworthy and credible.

Unique experience

Entrepreneurs should aim to build businesses that are interacting with their customers in truly authentic way. Consumers are more prone to spend more money on experience – a cup of coffee, enjoyed in the authentic atmosphere of any Starbucks is worth every penny. Give your customers a unique feeling by building a brand that stands out, not just a product that is useful. Authentic brands have a loyal customer network of people, who are devotedly advocating the brand, sharing their experiences with others and spreading the word of your “awesomeness”.

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