The Power of Customers: Where Design and User Experience Intersect


The most successful startups are driven by the ambition to design compelling products and services that are well-received by the customers. The importance of product design is notable, especially for companies that are just entering the specific niche. To be successful in their ventures, the entrepreneurs should answer one very important question: How to build a product that the people really want to use? Knowing the answer to this question will help you build your business around a product that is highly demanded, valued and widely used.

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Know your customers, ask them what they want and deliver accordingly

There are many startups, inspired by a “great” idea, that stay unnoticed and fail fast. The reasons for this may be many, but one of the main is the lack of customer interest in the product. Before you start developing your product, make the right market research, know your target customer and collect sufficient data that proves that there will be demand for your product. Do your research, gather the right information and you will be able to design a product that is really compelling to your clients.

The power of empathy for your customers’ wants and needs

Customer empathy is very important part o the business, which is why many startups have empathy mapping sessions with their teams in order to get better understanding of their customer network. During his TED Talk, Tom Hulme talks about the impact that the intersection of design and user experience has on product development. He emphasizes on the benefits of allowing the customers to become part of the developing process and highlights the power of empathy to the customer’s needs as key indicator of success. Watch the whole talk in the video below and feel free to leave your comments in the comment section.

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