The Powerful Mentoring Effect in Entrepreneurship


Mentoring is a key element of successful entrepreneurship. It gives advantage to the entrepreneurs to grow not only their companies, but also to grow as people and professionals, by sharing the expertise of others. The mentoring effect in entrepreneurship is very powerful and makes a difference – it is important topic that should not have to be overlooked by entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneur’s unfair advantage

Mentors help startups to get investment, to connect with important people, who can help them accelerate their businesses, and inspire them to believe in themselves by giving them valuable advice and encouragement. Many angel investors turn out to be great mentors – they get personally involved in the business, they share the same vision and believe in the mission of the companies. This gives tremendous advantage to the entrepreneurs, who have strong support system or at least the support of devoted angel investors, helping them to accelerate their businesses and achieve growth.

Mentors – the people, who advise, inspire and motivate entrepreneurs

Talent plays significant role when it comes to business, yet it is not enough to rely solely on the natural-given gifts and abilities to perform outstanding work. There is something more than that on the road to achieving greatness – hard work, practice and persistence make the great performers the success stories they are. To set high goals and to pursue these goals devotedly is not very easy task, especially when the struggle gets real. And here comes the power of mentors – the people, who inspire you to push yourself out of your comfort zone, to believe in your abilities to succeed and to achieve greatness through practice.

Overcoming failure

Different people handle failure in different ways – it depends, of course, on many factors how a person will react to certain situations. But entrepreneurs should be always prepared to face rejection, setbacks and failure throughout their entrepreneurial paths. It is part of the roller coaster ride called entrepreneurship.  Luckily, the entrepreneurs, who have mentors and strong support system of fellow entrepreneurs, are more likely to handle the bad situations when they occur without to fall into desperation or even depression.

Mentors are the people, who will lift you up when you are feeling down, the people, who will motivate you to keep moving forward when you are ready to give up. They are able to do that, because they have walked this path long before you – they have faced many struggles and overcome many similar situations on their way to getting where they are right now. Your mentors are the people, who will understand you better when you feel lost in business and will guide you towards finding your strengths once again.

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