The Secret to Building a United Team That Works Effective Together

The overall success of your startup is in the hands of your team. As a leader, you must focus on building a strong team of professionals, who work and collaborate effectively towards reaching the common goal.

But how can you encourage a group of people, who might be so different from one another, to collaborate effectively on daily basis? How is it possible to create a quick-thinking team from a group of total strangers?

These questions may seem very difficult to answer. Yet leaders and managers all over the world succeed in building super successful and highly united teams of people, who otherwise have not so much in common. How do they achieve this?

What is the secret of building strong teams of people, who work cohesively under pressure and manage to solve difficult problems successfully?

Business school professor Amy Edmondson gives an answer to this interesting question. In her TEDx Talk, Edmondson, who is the Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at the Harvard Business School, talks about the elements that are needed to make it possible for a group of strangers to form over time a hard-working and highly-collaborative team.

Edmonson has spent a big part of her career to studying people and teams in order to understand what makes a team thick and how different personalities manage to work effectively together and solve important problems despite their differences.

In the TED Talk, she recalls teamwork success stories and highlights the main elements that made these teams so effective. If you as an entrepreneur, look for the secret sauce of making your team one idea more united, this talk is for you:


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