7 Attitudes to Embrace During Pitching and Networking Events


Possessing the most common traits of great entrepreneurs, such as talent, knowledge, experience, passion and ambition, doesn’t guarantee you success. Many other entrepreneurs are also very passionate about their businesses, are talented and really good at what they do, so the competition is tough. The thing that can really differentiate you from the rest and help you stand out from the crowd is actually very simple: the key to success is in embracing the right attitude.

Here we will highlight the seven attitudes to embrace that will help you to become more memorable and to make the most of every pitching and networking event that you attend.


Entrepreneurs must build their self-confidence. Self-confident entrepreneurs believe in their ideas and their abilities to achieve their goals. They are ready to embrace uncertainty and to give all they can to overcome every challenge that comes their way. They are certain in their actions, which is always a very notable and respected business owner behavior.

Manage stress and anxiety

Pitching events can be very stressful for the entrepreneurs. Many startup founders feel stressed and anxious when it comes to pitching investors, which often negatively affects their presentations. The ability to manage stress to a healthy level and to control anxiety is extremely important. By overcoming your weaknesses and embracing positive attitude, you make it easier to highlight your strengths and your indisputable qualities.

Tame your Ego

Going beyond your Ego and overcoming the need of receiving approval from everyone is something that all entrepreneurs should aim to achieve. Networking is a great way to establish new relationships with like-minded people, with potential partners and investors. Effective networking will never happen when there is an Ego fight involved. Tame your Ego, don’t take things personally, avoid obsessing over the competition, be realistic and keep polite conversation tone and you will make better impression at every networking event.

Discover opportunity

To make the most of every networking event, the entrepreneurs should be open to communication and have positive attitude towards everyone that approaches them. Of course, before the event you have probably created a list of people whom you would like to meet with, yet you don’t have to limit yourself to that list. Never underestimate anyone – you may be surprised how many interesting people you can meet once you expand your horizon. Opportunity sometimes comes from unexpected directions – make sure that you are ready to welcome it when it crosses your path.

Discover your own networking style

Take the time to evaluate your behavior at all past networking events that you have attended. What would you like to change in your behavior? Do you think that you are able to do better by simply making some small changes? If this is the case, then it is time for you to spend the time to think about the development of your personal networking style. Being yourself at networking events is a great way to prove how unique you are, to highlight your strengths and to create a positive image for yourself and your company.

What kind of networker you would like to be? Do you like to have more direct approach and to be more active, connecting fast and jumping from conversation to conversation or you prefer to have more expressive approach where you take the time to get to know your interlocutor well and to build the foundations of one strong future relationship? Or may be a mix of both approaches sounds like a better option for you? Find the time to make the connection between the different networking styles and your personality and you will be able to make the best from the next event, which you attend.


People, who are honest and open in the way they communicate, are well-appreciated by everyone. Entrepreneurs with high integrity are more trustworthy. They easily win the trust of others and keep up with the high expectations. Integrity means that the person has strong moral principles and values, which are much needed personality traits in the business world and highly valued traits by all investors.

Demand feedback

Receiving feedback is very useful. It is a great way to evaluate your performance and to learn from first hand useful information that can be used to learn and improve. By demanding feedback from the investors, customers or other entrepreneurs, you are not only to receive valuable information and learn from your mistakes, but also will be able to prove that you really care about the valuable opinion of others and are willing to listen to what they have to say.

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