These Three Things Will Separate You From The Competition

Attending startup-dedicated networking events is great – you spend your time chatting with like-minded entrepreneurs, who are as eager as you are to succeed, while sipping coffee and looking around the hall to spot the investors you really, really want to finally meet in person.

That’s the beauty of such events – the opportunity to meet somebody great is huge. It is also a great way to meet with the competition – the founders and teams behind your competition companies also network and it is quite likely to meet at any given startup conference or a pitching event.

Meeting the competition actually is a good thing. Getting to know them will help you get a better, more realistic perspective of who they are, what their personalities are, who they hang out with, and how do they carry themselves through the crowd.

Having a competition, in general, is a great motivator for an entrepreneur to do their best – it is a powerful inspiration to grow, innovate and improve. It is also very eye-opening, especially if you believe that they are better than you at some level.

There are things that you can implement in your business that can help you get ahead of the competition.

Here are three approaches that you can embrace that will separate your company from the rest, so you don’t have to feel overpowered at the next networking event when you run into the competition:

Customer Service

Your clients are your most valuable brand advocates. If you provide them with impeccable customer service, they will be happy with your business even more. Bet on quality, speed, and personal approach, and you are in for a win.

The Dream Team

Startups with great company culture and innovative vision and mission attract top talent. Nowadays, the majority of startup employees look beyond the paycheck when it comes to joining a starting company – they look for flexibility, honesty, integrity, respect, diversity, opportunity to unleash their creative genius, and so on.

Focus on building such an environment in your company that will attract the top talent employees. Be the great leader that inspires and motivates, that builds strong bonds with the team. Companies with a great team have all the advantage among the competition, so focus on building it!

The Face of the Brand

Many entrepreneurs prefer to shy away from the spotlight. This, in most of the cases, is a wrong move. The founders are the faces of the brand. If you want your company to improve and thrive, start with improving yourself.

You bring value to your company, so position yourself well in the entrepreneurial scene. Work on improving your public speaking skills, your networking skills. Expand your network, connect with people and try to build fruitful long-lasting relationships.

Many founders see themselves as the tech guys that lack the soft skills of a rock star entrepreneur – this type of thinking is limiting. If you want to outrun the competition, you need to get active and do the things you haven’t done before. Get to work!

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