Three Apps to Help You Manage Stress


The fast-paced lives of busy entrepreneurs are filled with many stressful situations. They constantly work under stress often caused by the uncertainty of the future of their starting business, by the challenges and setbacks and by the exhausting long weeks of hard work.

The pressure sometimes becomes unbearable, leading to physical and emotional exhaustion and even to complete burnout. It is essential to learn how to manage stress and to train yourself to keep calm in these type situations.

There are ways to learn how to manage stress and these three apps will help you get there faster and effortlessly.

Dailyo – Start by tracking your mood

To understand better what triggers your stress, which days were better than others, and what is your overall stress level, it is a great idea to use a mood tracker app. Dailyo is the perfect mood tracking app for entrepreneurs – it is a great way to journal your moods without to write long text.

It is very easy to use – pick your mood and it will be recorded in your calendar, which you can check when you need to follow and analyze your mood state for a longer period of time.

Personal Zen – Regain mental focus with series of games

Personal Zen is scientifically-validated tool that will help you handle stress and anxiety. The mind-training app offers built-in tools and series of games that allows you to train your mind and gain focus on the positive not on the negative.

Pocket Yoga – Quick-access yoga class in your pocket

Yoga has known to be one of the most effective ways to deal with stress. Practicing yoga is good for the body and good for the mind. When you feel stressed, you don’t have to rush to the closest yoga studio – just try Pocket Yoga. It is an awesome app that guides you through entire yoga sessions of different level and type. Namaste!

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