Three Communication Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Good communication is one of the most important and effective entrepreneurial tools. Startup founders, who are great communicators, are better leaders and are more successful when it comes to building relationships with investors and business partners. They are able to negotiate better deals and succeed in positioning themselves well among the entrepreneurial community.

Good communicators have mastered the verbal and non-verbal communication strategies  – they simultaneously exceed in face-to-face conversations, phone and video conversations. They are able to engage large audiences, which makes them great pitchers and presenters.

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Good communicators focus on creating successful communication strategies, which they follow strictly. While crafting a communication strategy is individual, there are some ingredients that give an extra edge, like the following three:


Good communicators carry themselves with confidence. They are aware of the power of posture, hand gestures, face expressions, voice tone, and clothing. Strong communication presence doesn’t mean that you have to position yourself too intense. People, who come too intense, make others uncomfortable.

Confidence is the ultimate trait of good communicators. Build your confidence and practice the other presence elements through active networking. On more about how to appear more confident, read Powerful Body Language Hacks to Appear More Confident.

Being Present

Good communicators are always present in the conversation. They are great listeners. They pay attention to what others say and respond accordingly. Staying present at the moment isn’t very simple, especially during networking events where so much is going on. But in order to have an effective conversation, active listening is a key. It is a significant communication strategy that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The power of connecting others

Good communicators are great networkers. They believe in the power of building an extensive network, which grows over time, and love to help others do so. Master communicators understand the power of connecting like-minded people or potential business partners – it is a great way to help others and to build the reputation of a great “business matchmaker” in your community. They, of course, follow etiquette, choose the right timing and format, and make sure that all parties are comfortable with the introduction.

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