Three Important Outtakes From Mixpanel’s Series-B Pitch Deck


Crafting a startup pitch deck isn’t easy. There are so many things the entrepreneurs want to say and include, yet so little time and space on the slides.

There isn’t one simple formula to follow yet there are some pitch deck components that should not be excluded. If you wonder what the main basics are, check out what are the 10 slides to include according to Sequoia Capital.

Exploring the pitch decks of other companies, especially the decks that led to securing an investment, can be very beneficial if you struggle with preparing your company’s pitch.

From Uber through Airbnb, YouTube, and LinkedIn to Canvas and Buffer – we pay attention to the slides that these successful companies have included in their investor pitch decks. Today we keep out focus on Mixpanel – the ultimate analytics platform for web and mobile.

In their Series-B pitch deck that helped Mixpanel raise more than $65 million USD (not bad at all!) they focus on three main things from the very beginning:

  1. What are the problems we solve?
  2. What is our solution to these problems?
  3. What is Mixpanel’s competitive advantage?

The pitch deck consists of 12 slides and tackles all important things the investors need to know. The simplicity and the fact that the deck gets straight to the point give a taste of professionalism and understanding of the business inside out. The strategy worked for Mixpanel as they have achieved what they aimed for.

Take a look at the pitch deck here:

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