Three Negative Results of Constant Worrying About The Future

The uncertainty of the future is one of the main reasons why entrepreneurs feel anxious and stressed when they think of their long-term business strategies. Of course, thinking about the future in a healthy way is fruitful – planning and strategizing are inevitable parts of business. But when the over thinking becomes a constant worry, the results may not be so fruitful.

Worrying too much about the future can cause devastating results for your business. Instead of thinking of the worst scenarios, try to embrace uncertainty and the beauty that it brings. Trusting the uncertainty isn’t easy but is necessary if you want to keep your sanity during your entrepreneurial journey.

In entrepreneurship, obsessing over the future and expecting always the worst have many negative effects. Embrace the mindset of mindfulness and living in the present in order to avoid falling into the trap of these three negative results:

Lack of focus

Worrying about the future drains your energy and steals your focus. Instead of focusing on the present moment, people who worry too much about the uncertainty of the future put their energy into overthinking and obsessing over what could go wrong.

If you notice that worry interrupts your daily activities and steals your time, it is important to slow down and make a shift in your thoughts in a positive direction.

Irrational thinking

Worry is a driving power that leads to unproductive and negative actions. It blurs the mind and makes us think irrational. If you fall into the trap of constant worry about the future, you may lose your clear view of the situation and make unproductive decisions. Running a business, led by fear, never brings positive outcomes.

If you notice that you are not thinking clearly, step aside and re-think the motivators behind the actions you are about to take. If you are not sure how to proceed, talk to your co-founders or your mentor to discuss the situation. This conversation will help you get a clearer view of the situation.


Constant worry goes hand in hand with stress. People, who are overstressed, become more irritable. They get angry and upset faster than others. This behavior can damage your relationships with your team, your co-founders, and your business partners and customers.

If you notice that the negative thoughts get to you, it is time to slow down and take a break to re-think your behavior towards others and the causes of it.

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