Three Questions Entrepreneurs Should Ask Their Employees


Effective communication within the company guarantees better results. When the entrepreneurs encourage their employees to be more open and to share freely their thoughts and concerns, they create a more creative and collaborative work environment, where everybody feels appreciated and heard.

Along with all specific work-related tasks that leaders discuss with their team members, there should be left a room for conversations that go beyond the daily workload. Here are three questions that entrepreneurs should ask their employees regularly to strengthen their connection:

Do you feel challenged enough?

One of the advantages of working in a startup comes from the variety of the workload. Many employees choose to work for startups in order to expand their horizon and learn by doing. If the job isn’t challenging enough, they may get bored and eventually lose interest.

By asking this simple question, you are to understand if the employees enjoy what they do if they believe that the work they do is beneficial to them and the company, and to understand if they are proud of the way they spend their time in the office.

How can we improve the work process?

Your employees are able to give you first-hand opinion on how to improve the work process. Encourage them to share their ideas with you on how they can make the office hours they put in more productive, the office environment more creative, the collaboration processes within the team more effective, the communication with the customers better, and so on.

This question will help you understand what your employees struggle the most with and what their ideas are on improving the work process. Listen to their ideas and see how you can implement them.

What would you like to learn?

Investing in employee development is one of the best moves entrepreneurs can make. Ask your employees what they would like to learn and in which area they would like to improve. This will help you to choose more accurately the training that you organize, the courses you sign up your employees to, and the tasks that you assign them.

Employees, who have the opportunity to grow within the company, are more devoted, more inspired and motivated to do their best. As an entrepreneur, investing in your employees is one of the best investments you can make.

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