Three Questions Every Great Leader Should Be Ready to Answer

Great leaders possess a very specific set of personal and professional skills. The ability to motivate and lead their employees to greatness depends to a great level on the leadership approach that the entrepreneur has embraced.

Leaders with significant leadership style stand out from the rest, achieve better results, and make a recognizable name for themselves. The leaders should evaluate regularly their approaches in order to keep the leadership level high in the long run.

The following three questions are a great checklist that the leaders should go through often. All leaders, who want to be successful in the long run, should be able to give clear answers to these questions:

What is my leadership style?

There are different leadership styles, which the leaders can embrace – the democratic leader, the coaching leader, the leading-by-example, the delegating leader, the empathetic leader, and so on. The hats that leaders wear are many, yet every leader should choose a signature style and stick to it in the long run. Having a clear understanding of their style and approach is essential for the leaders, who want to be respected and well-known for exactly who they are as leaders.

Is my leadership style aligned with the company’s values?

Your personal leadership values and the company’s values should be aligned. Otherwise, your leadership decisions won’t be in unison with the company’s direction. The employees as well will get confused if you lead them in one way that is different from the long-term goals of the company.

Is my leadership style driving real results?

Leaders should be able to measure the results they achieve. You cannot track the progress if you can’t measure the results. Find the best possible way to check if your leadership style and the approaches that you embrace drive progress.

Collecting feedback from your employees is one of the best ways to evaluate the results of the leadership decisions you take. Your employees are a great source of information – don’t hesitate to listen to what they have to say.


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