Three Steps to Recover After Making a Huge Mistake

We all make mistakes. After all, we are humans, we aren’t perfect. While some mistakes are small and don’t have big negative consequences, sometimes we make mistakes that have huge negative consequences and disturb our whole lives.

Some mistakes are the result from the risk-taking which is in the DNA of successful entrepreneurs, while others are just a result of different things – from working under stress through having not enough information to dealing with misleading information.

Making huge mistakes can affect not just your business, but your overall well-being. It can trigger anxiety and panic attacks, can lead to depression or to inner blame and lowering of the self-esteem. The negative consequences can easily get to you and leave you with a feeling of defeat and impasse.

When dealing with the emotions that come from making a mistake that has tremendously shaken your business or your personal life, it is important to find the strength within, to accept the situation, and try to forgive yourself and move on.

Here are three steps that you can speed up your recovery:

Do everything you can to fix it

Many mistakes are fixable. Think about all ways that you can try to fix your mistake. Have you done everything you could to minimize the negative effect? If you have, then you just have to accept it and adjust your business or life according to the new circumstances. If you haven’t done all you can possibly do to fix it, then lift yourself up and get to work.

Talk about it

Whatever you have done, you should be able to own it. Own the mistake. Own the consequences. Apologize to all involved people, who also were affected by your actions and decisions.

During this time you may need the support of your network, your advisors, and mentors. Don’t be ashamed to speak about it. Many people from your surroundings may have dealt with something similar and they can give you great advice how to handle the situation. If you are open about it, you will give yourself the chance to receive amazing support, which will give you strength to move on.

Learn from it

Many people believe that everything happens for a reason. Use the experience to learn, to grow, and to improve. Get into details on what was the reason to take the decision; what went wrong; what you had to do differently; and what in future you can use as valuable information so you won’t repeat the same mistake. You need to find the strength to look at the bright side of every situation, accept the consequences, and move on.


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