Three Things to Remember When You Experience Founders Fatigue

Founders fatigue is the worst emotionally-related experiences entrepreneurs face. When the excitement of having full control over your life and the freedom to take all important decisions is pushed aside by the constant worry when the next check will come and how to win the next customer over your competition, the thrill of being an entrepreneur becomes more of a dreadful experience than a wonderful journey.

But you knew it will be challenging. You knew that it won’t be a smooth ride. You were prepared. What happened? Why do you feel so exhausted and frustrated when you knew what was coming. Well, you have come face to face with the founders fatigue.

What is founders fatigue?

Founders fatigue can be simply described as “feeling burnout” but not ready to be defeated and to give up. When the entrepreneur feels so tired and the thought of facing yet another significant challenge seems unbearable; when nothing seems to be going right; and taking the next step towards achieving their goals seems impossible.

The first thing to know is that you are not alone. Most entrepreneurs at some point of their startup journey experience founders fatigue. Everyone’s experience is personal – the fatigue comes in different shape and size as a result of many factors like worry, stress, guilt, fear of failure, fear of making mistakes, impostor syndrome, lack of self-confidence, the list goes on and on.

The first step to overcoming founders fatigue is to accept what you are experiencing. Knowing what you are experiencing will help you focus on dealing with the thoughts and feelings that come as a result of it. Here are three things that you need to remember that can help you make the first step to getting back on your feet when you feel defeated on your way to success.

Remember why you started

In the startup world, you need to move fast in order to keep up with the speed of everybody else. When you keep your focus long enough only on the next step you take, it is easy to lose the connection with your initial plan, goals, and even your mission. If you feel like you are losing direction, remember what drove you to the decision to start your business. What did you want to achieve? What motivated you in the beginning? Slow down for a moment and evaluate if the place you are right now and the place you are heading to are the places you want to be.

Remember that there are people, who support you

Entrepreneurship can be a very lonely journey. Having strong support group makes miracles for startup owners. Knowing that there are people you can turn to when you feel down, who believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself, and who will love you no matter what gives strength, comfort and motivation. When you feel exhausted from your entrepreneurial journey, turn to your support group. They can be your friends, family, your significant other, even your customers – remember, there are people, who support you.

Remember everything that goes beyond the frustration

Life is series of ups and downs. When you hit the bottom, the only thing you can do is to bounce back. Try to focus on the things that go beyond the frustration – on the happy moments, on the achievements, on the goals that you want to see become a reality. Give yourself some credit for the things that you have accomplished. When you are tired and frustrated, it is easy to focus on the negative, but try to shift your focus on the positive side – on the things that really matter.

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