Three Ways to Recover After Losing Your Best Startup Employee

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Losing a star employee can be devastating, especially nowadays when finding the right fit for a team is more difficult than ever. There is a hunger for skilled people, who want to join a startup team and can work well under pressure. But, the truth is, you will lose your best employees at some point. The way you react to the situation is what matters the most.

Here are three steps that you need to take if you want to keep it together in a time of distress after your best employee has left the building.

Don’t take it personally!

When your best employee decides to leave, you may feel betrayed. But you need to keep the good tone. In the end, this is business and you don’t have to take it personally. People will always look for better opportunities.

Now the ball is in your court – it is up to you to make the most of any given situation. Instead of focusing on the bitter feelings, focus on the possibilities that can occur for your team. You may not have the full power over the situation, but you have the full power over how you are going to react to it.

Act on time

Be proactive. Make a decision about how you are going to relocate the workload among the team members until you find the perfect replacement. New hires in the startup industries may take months to complete. The work won’t wait.

Call a meeting with your team and explain the situation calmly. Find the best fit among your current employees who can do the job of the colleague who has left. Sometimes it is easier to find an internal replacement. If there are tasks that nobody else can perform, you may look for a freelancer or a consultant, who can come aboard for some time, until you make your next hire.

Do your best to retain your employees

Now that you have experienced the bitterness of losing a valued employee, maybe it is time to re-think your team management strategy. Establish open communication with your team. Encourage them to give and receive feedback. Make sure that invest in employee development. Find out what motivates them and give work towards providing it to them.

To make it easier for you, we have dedicated a whole blog post on how to retain your most valued startup employees, which you can read here.

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