To Be More Likeable Do These 3 Things Within the First 5 Minutes of Meeting Somebody

Making a great first impression is very important for everyone. Likability is a key ingredient for success. Likable people tend to get ahead in their careers, education, and life in general easier. It just comes naturally to get promoted if your boss likes you better, right? It is more likely to win the sympathy of an investor if you have a captivating presence, isn’t it?

Who doesn’t want to be likeable? There are the lucky ones, who have natural charisma, and there are the rest, who need to put an effort to become more charismatic. Luckily, there are things you can do to become more memorable when you meet somebody new and it all comes to the first five minutes of your meeting.

Use positive words with a positive tone of voice

Start the conversation with a positive vibe but make sure you sound genuine. Nobody likes fake people, so chose the topic carefully. Express your enthusiasm for meeting your interlocutors with a smile, good handshake, and eye contact.

Say their name during the conversation, especially before you say good bye. People like the sound of their name, it makes them feel special and make them trust you.

When you ask a question and you finish with a positive line, your interlocutors are more likely to agree with what you say.

I am the CEO of … You’ve heard of our company, right?

This question will leave the impression that you expect your business to be known. Automatically your interlocutors will think that you are the real deal and that

Ask questions

There are many positive aspects of asking questions within the first minutes of meeting somebody. It shows your interest in them; it engages them in conversation; it gives you the chance to lead the conversation in the direction you want, but still, let the other party feel special. Nothing makes you more likeable than making someone feel special.

Find the connection

The questions you ask will give you enough information to quickly establish what you have in common with your interlocutor. Listen carefully and observe. Find the interest that you both have in common and lead the conversation in this direction. This will make you instantly more likable, as people like to talk about their interests with other people, who share them.

Just try to implement these three elements the next time you meet somebody new and you will be unstoppable.

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