The Toxic People You Should Keep Out of Your Business

As an entrepreneur, you will be working with many different people – your co-founders, employees, partners, investors, and customers are the most important ones. Fellow entrepreneurs, mentors, and advisors also play a key role in your entrepreneurial life.

Your business relationships in one way or another shape the direction you take with your business. If you are working alongside positive, motivated and talented people, it is very likely you to feel inspired, more focused and more creative.

On the other hand, if you are surrounded by toxic people, you may feel more stressed, distracted and discouraged.

Keeping toxic people away should be your priority because if you let them in the chances are they will get too comfortable, will distract you and will harm your business growth.

Here are five of the most dangerous types of toxic people that you should keep out for your life and your business by all means:

The Naysayer

It is essential to work with people, who aren’t afraid to say NO when they truly mean it, even if the whole team says YES. Having an opinion is one thing, being a constant naysayer is another thing. Naysayers tend to focus on the negative and always manage to find a problem and a reason why something cannot be done. Naysayers can and will discourage you and will make you feel like giving up when you should be moving forward.

The Gossiper

Gossipers always find the time to talk about others and take great pleasure discussing other people’s lives behind their backs. They keep their focus on the misfortune of others, which is energy-draining. Listening to gossips isn’t on any entrepreneur’s to-do list. Don’t let gossipers steal your time by making you listen how they badmouth others.

The arrogant

There is a difference between being confident and being arrogant. Confident people don’t have the need to put others down. Confidence is so inspiring. On the other hand, arrogant people always try to prove that they are better than the rest. They like to challenge and intimidate others – behavior that rarely leads to positive results.

The Constant Complainer

Some people love to complain. They always find something that isn’t right according to them and go on and on explaining how bad it is. This is not just annoying, but also very stressful. And not just for them, but for everybody around them. Constant complainers are such mood-killers. A startup doesn’t need a complainer on board.

The Greedy

People can be greedy not just for money – they can be greedy for fame, greedy for attention, greedy for success and achievements. The greedy people want it all and they want it now. Greed is a bad motivator. People, who are driven by greed, aren’t the best business partners – they won’t hesitate to crash you if you get on their way.

Do you recognize these types of personality in people from your business surroundings? May be it is time to move on and cut them out of your life.

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