The Ultimate Formula to Achieve Anything You Want

As an entrepreneur, you probably have learned that nothing comes easy and nothing comes by a chance. You need to put the hard work in order to achieve what you want. But when eventually the path gets rocky, it is difficult to keep going. How many times have you given up just because you were not ready to face the obstacle?

Luckily, there is a very simple formula to follow that can help you become the high-achiever you aspire to be. It consists of three simple steps and works without failure. Try them out!


The best way to achieve something is to plan the road map to it. Forget about having a dream – have a clearly-defined goal. Setting realistic goals is an art. It is a process that takes time. The goals you set should be SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based.

Create a detailed plan that determines what you want to achieve (be specific), why you want to achieve it, how you are going to achieve. Set a deadline for the main result and create daily and weekly milestones that you need to achieve. Don’t spend too much time planning as the second step is actually the most important one.

“Life is about execution rather than purpose.” – Nassim Nicholas Taleb


Plans are there just to guide you, not to make you obsess over them. What you need to obsess over are results. Focus on action. Take one step at a time. Consistent actions are what drive real results.  Don’t think about failure as something that you need to avoid at any cost. This belief about failure is limiting.

Don’t get too comfortable doing what you always do. Comfort is the killer of creativity and enthusiasm. Comfort is the main enemy of achieving results. Being too comfortable will slow you down. Comfort does not drive growth. Take massive action that is challenging otherwise you are stuck with mediocrity. You don’t want live a mediocre life, do you?


Evaluation is very important to a process of achieving high goals. It is essential to stop once in a while and evaluate your process and measure the results. This is the most effective approach to learning what works and what doesn’t. Taking massive action is not enough if it is not the RIGHT action. There are always ways to improve and optimize. So, if you see that you are getting there but slower than you expected, maybe it is time to make a change.

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