Unusual Places to Find Business Ideas and Inspiration

Have you ever wanted to be an entrepreneur? Do you dream of building your own business, creating jobs and bringing value to the society? Probably at some point in their lives everyone wanted to taste the excitement of entrepreneurship, because, let’s be honest, the startup life is adventurous, fascinating, and challenging – things that most 9 am – 5 pm jobs don’t offer.

But making the leap from the corporate world to the world of entrepreneurship is not very simple. It all starts with an idea, which is the fundament of the whole business venture. But where you can find good ideas and inspiration?

The answer is very simple: EVERYWHERE! If a company like Potato Parcel, the company that sends messages on potatoes, can make it to Shark Tank and even secure an investment from Kevin O’Leary, everything is possible. So keep looking for your own inspiration!

If you happen to come across the idea that you are extremely passionate about during business class or by surfing online (Potato Parcel was inspired by a post on Reddit), you may consider yourselves lucky. But often the best ideas come from unexpected places, like the following five.

Stay local – Listen actively

In the globalized world that we live in, we tend to focus more on what is happening around the world and pay less attention to our local communities. We are so busy sitting in front of our screens, so rarely forget to pay attention to the life around us. If you look for business inspiration, maybe focus locally first. When is the last time when you explored your city?

Spend a day to take a walk around the city and really look at what is happening. Connect with local entrepreneurs and small business owners. They have many stories to tell. Listen to them, listen to their problems and the obstacles they face and maybe you will get an idea on how to solve these problems. Listen actively

Pack a bag – Be curious

Traveling is a great way to explore new cultures, to meet interesting people, their traditions, and daily challenges. If you feel stuck in your thoughts, just pack a bag and go on an adventure, not on vacation.

Mindfulness – Problem and Solution

If you want to create a successful business around an idea, you should be truly passionate about this idea. To reach your goals, you will have to face many setbacks, disappointments, and painful rejections. So, in order to find the idea that excites you to a level that you won’t give up after many attempts and failures, take a closer look at the things that truly connect with you.

What are the things that you love to do? What are the problems that you personally would like to see solved? What are your biggest frustrations and how you can eliminate them? The things that excite you or bother you probably have the same effect on others.

The Future

Too many people tend to live in the past or are too absorbed by the present and don’t find it important to think about the opportunities, which the future presents. There are many problems that we face today, which will be even more urgent to solve in the future. Awaken the futurist within and look what you can do today to solve a problem in the future. Explore the different trends and try to see one step further. Focus on what is available now and how you can make it better in the future.

Take action

Looking for ideas is great, yet you aren’t going to find what you look for by simply observing. If you are not sure what exactly you want to do, just begin anywhere. Start experimenting and testing, try different things, create. Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure can be very useful if you learn from it. Take action, keep moving and sooner or later the right idea will come your way!

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