Vittorio Loreto’s Explanation of How New Ideas Are Born

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Ambitious and successful entrepreneurs rely on innovation. They know that in order to run a successful business, you need to have a competitive edge over the competition. Innovative ideas, products, design, and business approaches are what the leadership of any company should strive to, especially when the company is a startup.

Where do great ideas come from?

The achievements of great minds are admired around the world – the discoveries of great scientists like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking through the talent of artists like Van Gogh to great leaders like Steve Jobs. We admire their creative genius and recognize the impact they have made into the world.

“Where do great ideas come from?” is a question that we all ask trying to understand the brilliance of the work of these geniuses. Understanding the sources of inspiration that these great minds used to come up with new ideas and breakthrough inventions is a great source of valuable information.

In an insightful TED Talk, Vittorio Loreto explains the birth of new and how the understanding of the crossroads between what is possible and what is actual can lead to coming up with new, innovative, breakthrough ideas.


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