Do You Want to Change the World? Start a Company!

Technology and innovation change the way we think about our jobs and the way we actually work. Technology and innovation foster entrepreneurship and inspire creative thinking. Nowadays, more and more people dare to channel their entrepreneurial spirit and to make the brave move to start a company.

Launching a product or a service that brings a solution to an important problem and has the potential to disrupt a whole industry may not change the world fundamentally, but will change the lives of many of the customers for the better.

When we talk about making the world a better place, the entrepreneurial success is not measured by the millions a company makes, but by the value and the positive change it brings.

There isn’t a simple formula for success, but there are some things that first-time entrepreneurs should know before they start their journey of bringing their ideas into reality.

Dr. Kevin Judice has many years of experience working alongside with entrepreneurs and investors. Entrepreneur himself, he has been part of the founding team of companies like Cidara, DiCE Molecules, and Achaogen, Inc.

During his TED [email protected], he shares his opinion about the power of entrepreneurship and highlights the most important points for first-time entrepreneurs should follow if they want to change the world:

  1. Find out what you are passionate about;
  2. Get really good at it;
  3. Choose a really hard problem;
  4. Invent a creative solution;
  5. Raise some money;
  6. Hire some really, really smart people;
  7. Work hard – but have fun!

Remember, if you really want to change the world, don’t focus on money, but do something that is important!

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