You Want to be the Star of Investor Pitching? Dress The Part!

Dressing for success leads to success. To be the aspiring entrepreneur that you want to be you need to dress the part as well. You are the face of your company and your personal brand is as important as your business brand.

In the entrepreneurial world, dressing the part doesn’t mean the same thing as in the traditional corporate world. Here we don’t talk about black suits and blazers as essentials, but more about personal style and signature look.

Steve Jobs’ uniform of jeans and a black turtleneck, Mark Zuckerberg’s gray t-shirt, jeans, and sweatshirts, Elon Musk’s sports coat and unbuttoned collared shirt, and Bill Gate’s V-neck sweaters and button-down shirts are just examples of Silicon Valley’s casual dress code. Choosing to wear the same thing every day is becoming very popular among entrepreneurs, who prefer to focus on the businesses and make their everyday life choices of what to wear easier.

Dressing down may work for the successful tech entrepreneurs, who have created billion dollars empires. But will it work for female entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs, who are on their way to meeting with the investors for the first time? Probably not!

Developing your personal style for clothes is as important as developing your leadership style as an entrepreneur. And it is a great way to stand out during networking and pitching events!

Dressing the part is extremely important when it comes to meeting with investors and participating in pitching events. During your pitch on the stage, you have limited time to impress the audience, so you have to make every single element of the presentation work for you.


Colors are very important and powerful. The different colors can make us feel in a certain way and can affect the mood of others. You probably have spent a good amount of time figuring out what color pallet will be the most suitable for your presentation slides. But have you thought about the color pallet of the clothes that you will wear on the stage?

The color psychology gives information of the emotions, which the different colors trigger. It is up to you to choose the color according to the emotion that you want to awaken in the audience. And this depends on the essence of your business.

Darker colors are accepted to be more formal, bright colors perceive high energy and confidence of the speaker, and lighter colors make us look more friendly, happy and cheerful.  Choosing the color of your brand can be a powerful way to make the connection between you and your business. The best colors to wear when speaking on stage should set a positive tone and should flatter your complexion.


Choose comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely on the stage. If you are not comfortable in what you are wearing, you may get distracted and even annoyed. Your clothing has to allow you to freely get on and off the stage and to move around with ease.

The details

Every detail of your look sends a message. Choose the right footwear that compliments the outfit and is comfortable and also the right jewelry. Don’t forget to style your hair in a way that suits you!

Dress memorable, not distracting

When you pick your outfit for your next pitching event, make sure that you find the right balance.  Your look needs to make a statement, but not to be very flashy and distracting to the audience. In the end, you want the attention of the investors to be in the business more than on your outfit, right?

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