Weekly Startup Focus: Adopto, Gizlo and Mustard


The entrepreneurial world is very exciting and fast-changing place. More and more promising startups emerge on the scene, bringing a ray of inspiration and innovative ideas, value to their clients and purpose for their team members. Our weekly startup column is dedicated to noting young companies from around the world that are making a change in their niche. To keep the tradition alive, this week we introduce to you Adopto, Gizlo and Mustard!

Adopto (Croatia)

Adopto is recruiting software that is helping people, who run their own companies, and professional HR managers to improve their recruiting process and discover easily the right candidates for the offered position. The startup is aiming to save valuable time for the recruiters by simplifying the hiring process by offering features as employer branding, candidate sourcing, applicant tracking and analysis.


Gizlo (Finland)

Gizlo is very innovative startup that is changing the way feedback is being delivered. As a powerful feedback channel that connects people with the decision makers in organizations, Gizlo is taking care of delivering your feedback to the people in charge and motivating them to take action in response. Gizlo is the ultimate platform that is inspiring people to share their comments, ideas and suggestions, and receive a response afterwards.


Mustard (Ireland)

Mustard is platform that delivers next-level job offers with up-front compensations, instantly connecting companies with the best Java professionals. Mustard is a great platform that aims to make sure that engineers are not under-valued. How does it work? The platform is free of charge for the developers and engineers, who have their profiles anonymously showcased to the companies. On the other hand, the companies submit competing offers and, if the professionals are interested in some of these offers, the Mustard team will introduce both sides.


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