Weekly Startup Focus: Introducing Internsme, Careem, and Eventtus

Keeping our focus on everything new and exciting that is happening in the international startup scene is allowing us to have a better perspective on the way emerging startups are changing the name of the game of whole industries. Today we turn the spotlights on three interesting and promising Dubai-based startups that have the potential to make it big – meet Internsme, Careem, and Eventtus!


Starting your career straight out of college is very challenging. Founded in 2014, Internsme is the Dubai-based startup that is offering a solution to this problem. Internsme allows you to find the easiest way to launch your career by helping you find internships, traineeships and entry-level job opportunities.


Founded in 2012, Careem is the Dubai-based rival of Uber. The company is currently operating in 53 cities in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. Through Careem app you are able to order a car and track your ride real time. The payment is easily done with a credit card and online invoices for the service are available to you. Getting a ride has never been easier than that – it is just a tap of a button away.


Founded in 2011, Eventtus has become the number one event app provider in the MENA region. The app helps you create an app for your event that will keep all attendees informed and engaged. Eventtus will help you create powerful and easy-to-use interactive event app with rich speakers profiles and beautiful agenda and session details.

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