Weekly Startup Focus: Introducing Lingvist, Visiotalent, and Grow Food

Keeping our focus on everything new and exciting that is happening in the international startup scene is allowing us to have a better perspective on the way emerging startups are changing the name of the game of whole industries. Today we turn the spotlights on three interesting and promising startups that have the potential to make it big – meet Lingvist, Visiotalent, and Grow Food.


Lingvist is a great app that aims to help its users take their language skills to a whole new level. You are able to level up your language skills as Lingvist determines your current level of knowledge, allowing you to pick up where you have left off. The program uses AI to map your progress and adjust the learning process according to your needs. The app is designed with the idea to offer fast, personalized and easily-accessible language learning flow that minimizes distractions and leads to real results.


Visiotalent is a French startup that is changing tremendously the way people apply for jobs and recruiters hire new talent. The online tool allows the applicants to record a video interview to accompany their resume. Visiotalent helps the HR professionals to connect with the personalities of the job applicants and to get better insights on their motivation for the job.

Grow Food

Grow Food is a Russian startup founded in 2015 that helps their customers eat healthily. The company delivers healthy portioned meals to their food delivery subscribers. Operating in St Petersburg and Moscow, the company plans to expand in other cities across Russia. In 2017, Grow Food secured $5 million USD from the Moscow-based fund AddVenture.

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