Weekly Startup Focus: Introducing SMACC, PaperHive, and YouDroop

Keeping our focus on everything new and exciting that is happening in the international startup scene is allowing us to have a better perspective on the way emerging startups are changing the name of the game of whole industries. Today we turn the spotlights on three interesting and promising startups that have the potential to make it big – meet SMACC, PaperHive, and YouDroop.


The Berlin-based startup SMACC offers next-generation financial management software that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to help SMBs master their everyday financial tasks. It helps the companies to save time on bookkeeping, to optimize payments, and to receive up-to-date data and analysis that help them make better management decisions.


Founded in 2015 by two co-founders – the Bulgarian entrepreneur Alexander Naydenov and Dr. André Gaul, the Berlin-based startup PaperHive is an online coworking hub for researchers. The collaborative web platform is simplifying research communication and transforming reading into a process of collaboration, allowing the experts to connect and interact with different content. The researchers and the students are able to create their own Hives on the platform, where they can collect articles of their interest and also get notified when a new comment is made.


YouDroop is an innovative online marketplace that connects B2B companies allowing them to use the model of dropshipping, a retail method that is used by stores that don’t keep in stock the goods they sell. Founded in 2015, the Italian startup gives a platform to the suppliers and sellers to trade by using dropshipping without a need of a warehouse and with the opportunity to increase the visibility of their products. Who wouldn’t want to maximize their sales, right?

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