Weekly Startup Focus: Tink, Journi and blogfoster


Our weekly startup column is focused on putting together a list of three innovative startups on weekly basis in order to spread the word about the impactful role that these young companies play in their niches. This week we keep our startup focus on the following three companies – meet Tink (Sweden), Journi (Austria) and blogfoster (Germany).


Founded in 2012, the Swedish startup Tink is created with the mission to help the users to easily keep track on their money by providing them with categorized and analyzed information about their spending continuously over time. Tink is a free private finance app, which allows you to connect your financial services to the app, making it easier to pay your bills and to make bank transfers from your different banks. The Stockholm-based startup has over 350 000 users in Sweden and is currently expanding through Europe.



Founded in 2014, the Vienna-based startup Journi is providing to its users the easiest way to record their trips offline and on the go. Journi is an offline travel journal that helps the users to discover travel blogging by allowing them to not only add photos and notes and mark where they have been, but also by giving them the opportunity to effortlessly keep their friends on the loop while being on the go.



Founded in 2013, the Berlin-based startup blogfoster connects bloggers and businesses, creating the fastest way to manage advertising on blogs. The platform allows businesses to advertise on the most valuable sites on the Internet and offers to bloggers a selection of matching campaigns, which they can choose from to join.


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