What Makes an Entrepreneur? Let’s Hear It From a Successful One!

What makes an entrepreneur? This question has no straight answer that can be given in a sentence. What makes an entrepreneur truly depends on every person’s personal story, experience, and ideas. This is why it is always an amazing opportunity to listen to the stories of successful entrepreneurs, who have built empires, changed whole industries, achieved tremendous success, and made a fortune on the way.

Here we will focus on one such entrepreneur: Sahar Hashemi is one of the most successful British entrepreneurs. In a very powerful and inspirational TED Talk, she shares her incredible entrepreneurial experience – from being a London-based full-time lawyer to launching along with her brother Bobby and growing to tremendous heights Coffee Republic – UK’s original US coffee bar and deli franchise chain with over 300 Coffee Republic outlets in 12 countries.

In this incredible talk, she tackles many interesting topics that concern most entrepreneurs – from sticking to a comfortable full-time job without feeling happy through overcoming the voice of doubt to the importance of doing research before you begin your business journey and to never give up even if you hear a NO so many times.

Sahar Hashemi talks about the importance of ignoring the voice of fear in your head – we all know it, this negative voice that always makes us doubt ourselves and question our abilities. She says: “When you start doubting yourself, when you start feeling insecure, you basically press the delete button because if you don’t press delete, listening to that voice you think it’s the voice of reason – but no, it’s not, – it’s the voice of fear.”

The Importance of Being Clueless

One of the most important quotes of Sahar Hashemi focuses on the importance of being clueless. She urges us to “never worry about not knowing, never worry about not having expertise.” Not knowing actually can be a very good thing – you are able to teach yourself, to discover the business world by yourself and therefore to discover your own entrepreneurial style along the way. A fantastic tip for everyone who is just starting out.

“You become an entrepreneur. It’s a process!” Sahar Hashemi

The Five Steps of Entrepreneurship

Sahar Hashemi shares in the end of the talk five steps of entrepreneurship, which her brother has thought her about:

  1. The idea – make sure it is something you love.
  2. Do your market research – there is no substitute for hard work.
  3. Write down your business plan – you have to be organized.
  4. Raising money – people will say no to you but you don’t have to get discouraged. Bootstrap. Start doing and the self-confidence will come.
  5. Don’t give up – there is no such thing as an overnight success.

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