Where Does the Motivation for Honesty in Business Come From?

From the food we eat through the clothes we wear to the technology we use and so on – we interact with many companies on a single day. To be using the products of these companies, we must have trust in them. And trust is built on honesty.

But the statistics prove that not all companies are completely honest when it comes to making business – each year one in seven large corporations commits fraud. On the other hand, there are six other companies of these seven that are not committing fraud. Why is that? What motivates businesses to stay honest?

It is a very interesting topic of discussion, especially for entrepreneurs, who are just entering the business scene. In a very interesting TEDxTalk, Alexander Wagner takes us on a journey to understanding the motivators of doing the right thing when other options are available.

Wagner shares very interesting insights that he has obtained and learned in 10 years of research on the issue of fraud and how we can effectively address this issue and, therefore, contribute to the improvement of the world.

Hear the talk below and don’t hesitate to leave your comment in the comments section:


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